Pump accessories

S strokovnim svetovanjem, zanesljivo opremo in dolgoročnim partnerstvom strankam pomagamo do pravih rešitev pri izbiri črpalk in opreme.

Suction baskets

The suction basket performs two functions. It prevents larger solid particles from entering the pump and prevents the release of liquid from the pump system when it is switched off.


Spare parts for hydropack

The kit contains all the parts for assembling the hydropack that will best suit your needs, as you can assemble it from submersible pumps or a more powerful self-priming pump. All parts are also available individually.


Presflo vario

Presflo vario is an electrical device that enables automatic operation of the pump by controlling the pressure and flow.


Float switch

The float switch is used in all cases where level switching on and off of the pump is required. We use it for non-aggressive media, both in the household and in the industry for wells, cisterns, septic tanks ….


Filter container

The filter housing is made of quality plastic. There are four different types of filter cartridges available, which can be used alone or in combination. The filters are made in two sizes 5 “or 10” so that they can meet all household needs.



Filters with filter cartridges for water purification provide an optimal purification solution for households.